My paintings are mainly my interpretations of my surroundings, especially during my travel experiences. They express my feelings towards that visual reality.

I don’t aim to intellectualize what I observe, but mostly wish to express and share my feelings with simplicity. In order to do so, I opt for bright colours and the use of free and quick brush strokes which bring out undetailed and simple lines. Also because I am attracted by brightness, light, and vivid colour, they hold a privileged place in my work.

I endeavour through expressive use of colour, lines and brushwork to give movement and energy to the subjects in my paintings. Furthermore, I pay special attention to the equilibrium between colours and shapes. All these components contribute in expressing me.
“I paint what I see, with what I am, and I mean what I paint”.

1998-2003 studied drawing and painting at the “Académie de Port Royal” under guidance of renowned painters: Jean-Maxime Relange, Arlette Lemore and Dinah Pickard.

“Lauréate” of the Year 2002 Port Royal Academy "Grand Prix"

Bachelor of Arts from “Ecole Torrijos” d’Arts appliqués, Lyon (France), 1981-1984

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